Freelance Service Marketplace Platform

Key Features:

  1. Service Request and Cancellation: Requesters/Buyers can easily raise service requests through the platform. They have the flexibility to cancel these requests at any time, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.
  2. Browse and Showcase Services: The application allows Requesters/Buyers to browse through various service categories and view showcased services offered by Suppliers/Sellers. This feature enables users to explore a wide range of services available on the platform.
  3. Online Service Ordering: Requesters/Buyers can conveniently order services from Suppliers/Sellers and make secure online payments. This functionality ensures a seamless and streamlined transaction process.
  4. Supplier/Seller Skills and Abilities: Suppliers/Sellers have the freedom to showcase their skills and abilities by offering them as services on the platform. This feature enables them to attract potential customers and grow their business.
  5. Offer Submission: Suppliers/Sellers can browse service requests posted by Requesters/Buyers and submit offers for the desired services. This allows for effective negotiation and collaboration between the parties involved.
  6. Admin Panel: The system's Admin plays a crucial role in managing all administrative aspects of the platform. From overseeing service transactions to maintaining records of negotiations between Requesters/Buyers and Suppliers/Sellers, the Admin ensures smooth operations.


Itmaam is an innovative and user-friendly C2C service marketplace application, that connects individuals seeking services with those offering their expertise. The platform's versatile features, including service requests, service browsing, online ordering, and offer submissions, create a conducive environment for successful transactions. With a powerful backend built on Django and an intuitive frontend powered by React.js, coupled with mobile apps for both Android and iOS developed using Kotlin and Swift, Itmaam is poised to revolutionize the way C2C sales take place in the digital era. The platform's commitment to efficiency, security, and convenience makes it a compelling choice for both service seekers and providers in the market.

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