Feb 14, 2023

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4 places to use Chat GPT

Under the Hood

The picture begins when I want to use chat GPT for my work. I was confused about how to use it and where it can fit well.

So I did a bit of research, understand the tool and then try to get into my daily routine or work.
See, I am an entrepreneur, writer, developer and designer, so I need to google things, and research a lot and that is a time-consuming process.
Instead, I can directly use chat GPT to do most of the time-consuming work for me.

Let’s start...

  • Digital Content: You can create Twitter tweets, blog titles, summaries and many other types of content.I use to create some solid messages for emailing, feedback, thanking letters, LinkedIn posts and so on.
  • Writing Code: I am anyway building this code system for my business. Where I will reuse most of the code, templates and components and for that, I am using chat GPT to write most of the repeated code for me. For example, I don’t want to rewrite the navbar, sidebar, Ui components CSS again and again and handle responsiveness. So I directly use chat GPT code and put it somewhere in the repository and reuse it again and again.


  1. Design Inspirations: Every time, I want to make some project interface, I need to go to dribble and got confused about how to find the exact inspiration. I can now directly tell chat GPT the idea about the website I want to develop and can ask the basic design inspirations to get started. It was really fast and helpful when I got the first basic design, helps me to proceed asap.
  2. Collecting Data: I don’t want to google out the data points and copy-paste them into the notion or other databases. Repeated work, instead I just ask chat GPT about the data points and wrote a script to store the chat GPT output into notion databases or even other databases like Supabase. When chat GPT gives me some data or collections, I can simply tweet about it helping others around the world with some information, so cool.

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