Oct 1, 2022

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There are over 1000 apps launched on Apple’s App Store per day. The race to create the next viral app is fierce, and companies that haven’t invested in one feel like they’re missed out on a piece of the digital revolution. However, we advise that you take some time to conduct research on your project before you begin designing and developing your app. This blog examines eleven things to think about before designing and developing your app. Let’s get going.

1. Do you really need an App?

Everyone might say you need an app, but is it actually relevant to your business right now? Despite widespread assertions to the contrary, consider whether developing an app would benefit your business now. Are there any financial gains? How will it help your company achieve its long-term objectives? Before potentially wasting time and limited resources on developing the app, make sure you ask all the difficult questions.

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2. Decide if it is for Android, Apple, or both?

You must thoroughly understand your audience. Who will be using it? Who wants to use it? What device and operating system are they currently using?

Android has more market share than Apple, and there are affordable brands with better specs. Popular with app developers who don’t actually want to sell anything and just want as many people to utilize and download the app. A third of the world’s population, China and India, Bangladesh as well as Africa, are ideal mass market targets.

Apple is the option for developers that want to market their applications. The wealthy, who don’t mind paying for it now have access to Apple because of its strong brand and excellent design. This makes it a popular alternative among developers who are looking to sell. Apps are frequently created and updated on Apple first before Android.

3. App Registration. Have you allowed enough time to register the app with the App Store / Google Play?

It takes time to complete the registration process for the App store and Google play. Be aware that policies for registration change frequently and are much stricter at Apple and the slightest breach can have consequences. if terms of reference followed. Some might say processing time at App Store and Play store ranges from 2 hours to forever!

4. Who are your competitors?

You must conduct market research before you start designing your app in order to find out who else is on the market and how they are performing. Look at the reviews of your competition to find out what people think is lacking or what disappoints about the app, then write those things in a list of bullet points. Pick the best items from the list you just created to help your app stand out.

5. Use a white-label App development company or built an internal development team?

Should you even construct it internally? Is it the best you can do with the resources and abilities of your team? It might occasionally be quicker, less expensive, and simpler to have a white-label company produce a proof of concept for you. As an alternative, build the necessary skills in-house development team to process your apps, from concept to design and build. As an MVP or start-up, you should definitely consider going for a white-label company with a skilled developer and project management team.

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6. How is it going to be updated with content going forward?

It is a crowded market, but this is sometimes overlooked in a rush just to get it created and launched. A large number of programs are never downloaded, and a large number more are downloaded only once. You need to consider your plan after the launch.

7. Timing, when do you launch it?

Where you intended to be mentioned and the audience both depend on timing. To achieve the desired outcome, the what, who, when, and why must be addressed. Launching kid-friendly games, for instance, at the start of the summer break or around Christmas may benefit your company.

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